Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME

I have amazing friends.

On the morning of my birthday, I woke up and had a chocolately breakfast followed by one of my many gifts from Lauren. She surprised me with a pair of these black sneakers that every girl here wears with almost every outfit. They're nothing fancy, but they seem to be the thing to have, so she got me a pair and I love them!

Classes went by quickly in anticipation of the evenings planned events. QUEST had scheduled the mid-semester party today (so convenient), and the theme was to be "Ladies and Lady-boys" where the boys wore dresses and make up in order to receive ladies-night drink specials.

After class was done, we went back to the house and enjoyed some snacks and I nibbled on a giant bar of Max Brenner dark chocolate that Lauren surprised me with as well! Then, at around 4PM, I got dressed for the party later that evening, and Lauren took me on a surprise trip from the bus station to the ferry and finally to South Banks. Oh, yes, and before we had left she also surprised me with some funky blue nail polish and a feather necklace!

I tried not to think about what the surprise could be the entire way in order to not spoil anything, and I was successful. When we reached a certain point along our path, Lauren blindfolded me and we walked a bit further. Then we arrived at our final destination and she allowed me to remove the blindfold in order to see my huge group of friends crowded around a table with a grill and tons of food!

Christian and Zoe surprised me with the most decadent chocolate cake with raspberry frosting that was also gluten and dairy-free! It weighed about 100 kilos and was even more dense than a giant brownie. Believe it or not, I shared (since once slice was so heavy and satisfying it was actually hard to eat too much)!

Brian surprised me with my good friend Captain Morgan, who I hadn't seen in a while, and the night began. After filling up on wonderful food, the boys changed into their lady-wear and looked so incredibly beautiful!

We arrived at Birdee's (the pub for the party) and danced the night away until our feet hurt - but really, every single one of us had aching feet from all the dancing and jumping and running around.

It was such a night to remember and I am so incredibly thankful for all of my wonderful new friends and the one and only Lauren who planned the entire thing!

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